Salam kenal Cupang Mania

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Salam kenal Cupang Mania

Post by Ble-Max on Fri 02 Nov 2012, 11:56

Salam Kenal Semua Very Happy

Saya Indra dari Palembang

Yang mau cari teman adu atw share Khusus Palembang bisa Hub saya 08994454774
YM od.citra

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Re: Salam kenal Cupang Mania

Post by EmilyFaye on Tue 07 Jan 2014, 11:51

Transfer 4K MXF/XAVC/XAVC-S Videos to Android tablet & phone

Summary: How to enjoy 4K Ultra HD video on your Android Tablet or phone? Don't warry about this program. This guide will show you how to convert and play 4K video on Android devices freely.

Nowadays, "4K videos" has coming to people's life gradually. Many people are not familiar with this new word, so first let's learn something about it.

What's "4K video"?

4K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. Learn more at 4K resolution-Wikipedia. 4K videos are often produced by camcorders and recorded in MXF/XAVC/XAVC-S format.

Which camcorders can produce "4K videos"?

Sony: FS700, CineAlta F5, CineAlta F55, CineAlta F65
Canon: EOS C500, EOS-1D C DSLR
Astrondesign AH-4413, Point Grey Flea3 8.8 MP, GoPro HERO3 Black, Nvidia GTX Titan, AMD Radeon HD 7970

For some photography enthusiasts, they may want to convert 4K videos captured with these above camcorders to other files for further usage, such as playing on their Android devices. However, 4K videos are becoming the new hi-end standard for superior picture quality on Android device and it is unnecessary and worthwhile to purchase a new device supported 4K Ultra HD.

Then can we freely play 4K quality videos on any android device without limitation?

Since we have known the format of 4K quality is MXF/XAVC/XAVC-S, the only thing to make 4K videos playable on Android devices is convert these formats to Android devices supported format. Fortunately, I find a third-party 4K Video to Android Converter can help convert any videos to most Android devices.

See also: 2013 Top 5 Best Video Convert Review for Android

The program is 20% off at Christmas & New Year Specials.

How to convert 4K videos to play on Android tablet or phone?

Step 1: Run Pavtube 4K Video Converter for Android and hit the "Add files" button to import the recorded 4K MXF/XAVC/XAVC-S videos from your camcorders.

Step 2: Click "Format" and select "Android", the first four profiles are designed for any Android tablets and phones. You can choose it according to your own Android device. Last, click "Convert" button and start convert 4K videos to Android support format.

Also, you can read the article: create a best video format for Android smartphones to learn more.

1. If you are not satisfied with the default settings, click the "Settings" button, you can change the settings by yourself. You can change the video size (pix), bitrate, audio channels, etc. Just remember the file size mainly depends on the bitrate, which means the higher bitrate you set, the bigger size you get. According my experience, the 1280*720 sizes and 1500kbps bitrate is just suitable setting for watching videos on Android tablets and phones.

2. If your want to do some editing with your video such as cutting the part you don't need, adding text/image/video watermark or adding the subtitle, just click the "Edit" button to do these work.

3. If you want to keep multi audio/channel when you are playing 4K MXF video
on the Android devices, you may try our Pavtube MXF MultiMixer. It helps not only import and export MXF files with the multiple audio tracks/channels, but also helps mix the multiple audio tracks/channels into one.

Not an Android user? Want to play 4K videos as well? Pavtube Converter also support to other non-Android devices like Apple iOS devices, Windows 8 RT/Pro devices, BlackBerry, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, WDTV, HDTV, TV, etc.

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[url=Compress/reduce DVD movies to Multi-track MKV/MP4 within 4GB for Android devices]Compress/reduce DVD movies to Multi-track MKV/MP4 within 4GB for Android devices[/url]
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Rip DVD to Android Phone/Tablet Support Video Formats for watching
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Best Free Video Players for Android


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Re: Salam kenal Cupang Mania

Post by EmilyFaye on Wed 08 Jan 2014, 14:28

Best DRM Removal: Convert/Record Digital Copy to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Have you ever got some similiar problems as following:

Q1: Can the Galaxy 2 10.1 Tablet play a Digital Copy of a movie? I would like to download a movie from my Digital Copy Disc on my tablet. Is it possible?

Q2: I have transfer my digital copy movies to iTunes, I can easily sync them to my iPad and iPhone for enjoying, what if any digital copy movies downloading to my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

Q3: Galaxy Tab 2 Digital Copy Download Not Working? I downloaded a digital copy of a movie and I copied the file onto Galaxy Tablet's folders where my other movies are, and when I went to play it, it gave me error "Sorry, video cannot be played" Why and how can I get it to work?

As a digital version of Blu-ray or DVD movie, Digital Copy gives you he flexibility to watch your movie anytime, anywhere. You may transfer your "Digital Copy" to your Mac, PC and iTunes-compatible devices. Basically Digital Copies all boil down to the DRM (Digital Rights Management) which prevents you from playing them on unauthorized devices. Unfortunately, the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents, which means digital copy movies will even play on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

In order to transfer Digital Copy movies to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for playing without problems, you'll need to remove DRM from Digital Copy movies first and then convert them to a friendly format by the Android 4.0 Tablet. Below is a simple tutorial for you, guaranteed to put Digital Copies on Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for enjoying without problems.

See also: Top 5 Best DRM Removal Software Review for Android, Windows 8 Tablets/Phones


Before anything else, you have to download an app that you are going to use later. You are required to download and install:

Pavtube ChewTune (available for Windows or for Mac users). Get the Windows version or Mac version.


ChewTune is an easy-to-use yet top-ranking DRM removal software for Android. It supports protected movies, TV shows from iTunes, and Blu-ray/DVD digital copy videos that have been transferred to iTunes. And the output quality as decent as possible as original. Follow the DRM removal process to achieve your goal smoothly to get Digital Copy movies and Galaxy 2 10.1 Tablet to play nicely.

Removing DRM from Digital Copies for playback with Galaxy Tab 2

Note: For Windows users, just follow the detailed guide to finish your work about converting Digital Copy movies to Galaxy Tab 2. For Mac users, you can follow the guide on how to convert Digital Copy to Galaxy Tab on Mac to finish your work.

1. Run ChewTune, drag and drop digital copy movie to the software.

2. Select output video format. Click the format bar, you can get optimized videos for the Galaxy 10.1 Tablet under "Samsung > Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1(*.mp4)". You can click "Settings" button to customize size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel to your required ones.

3. Start getting rid of DRM protection and convert Digital Copies to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 videos.

Once the process completes, you can transfer Video files to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and enjoy them on the go.

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How to Use Video Player on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
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Re: Salam kenal Cupang Mania

Post by EmilyFaye on Mon 31 Mar 2014, 12:27

Edit Camera/iPhone videos in iMovie and iPhoto for creating family videos

Description: This article recorded my own experience on how to creating video for family on iMovie an iPhoto with the help of Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac.

As a retired grandmother, my only hobby is to create family videos with iMovie and iPhoto so that I could view my family holiday videos when they can not accompany me. However, it is a big trouble that the edit software like iMovie and iPhoto all have their own supported format that I could not load the videos recorded by camera and iPhone to them.

Fortunately, my grandson used google and looked for "DVD Creator/ Burner for Mavericks Mac", and then he found a post Top AVI to DVD for Mac OSX Mavericks and find the software named Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac
which I am using now. Expect this software; I also used Aimersoft for a while. I give it up for it crashed each time when I tried to upload a file. I really like the software I am using not only for its price, but also for its easy use of converting SD/HD video and audio format and Blu-ray, DVD, compatible with my editing software, e.g. iMovie, iPhoto.

Next month will be my best friend's birthday, and I am preparing to send an all-in-one Pavtube software iMedia Converter for Mac to her. She likes to make family videos as me and she was also a big movie fan with so much Blu-ray and DVD collections. I think this special present is pretty suitable for her to convert Blu-ray/DVD movies and other videos.

Now, I will show you how this ultimate video converter helps me to convert my camera and iPhone to the support format of iMovie and iPhoto on Mac.

First, just download the iMedia Converter for Mac to your Mac computer. It also has Windows PC version
. Then launch it and load the videos you want to convert to the program. I cut off a screenshot below to show you clearly.

Then choose the support format for iMovie. Click the "Format" bar, and choose "Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov)" as the output format.

PS: Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac also have the "Edit" function and it could allow me do some simply edit on my videos like trim, crop, add effect, etc.

The last step is hit the "Convert" button to start the conversion. The whole process is so easy that even you are not good at computer operating.

When the conversion is easy, just remember the output video location and load to my iMovie or iPhoto for further editing. With this software, it gives me much convenient to cresting family videos.

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Re: Salam kenal Cupang Mania

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